Hayden was extra horny last night - after he and Johan had spent a night drinking, dancing and checking out the local talent, Hayden wanted to blow Johan right there in the car but Johan wasn't going for it. The the next day the guys were both so fucking horny that they really wanted release and something different so they agreed they'd do a shoot for Jeremy Roddick - not the first for either of them, but this time Johan agreed to top. And Hayden was still horny from the night before, and he just couldn't wait to suck Johan's cock!

Before he even got a chance to take off his underwear, Hayden was going down on Johan's big, cock. He loved sucking on that hard shaft but he also liked licking it - especially the head.


Since both guys were horny as hell and had been waiting to fuck since the night before, Hayden couldn't wait to feel Johan's manmeat drive deep into his ass. He mounted that fine cock, letting it fill him...


Soon Johan and Hayden are driving each other wild. Johan turns Hayden over and fucks him doggy style, pounding his ass till Hayden found himself moaning and thrusting his hips as that big dick drove him closer to his own orgasm!


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