roman and jeremy hall

One of the benefits of running your own gay porn site is that you get to break in a lot of new guys. Say hello to Roman. He's a 22-year-old, bi guy from Boston. Roman has had sex with guys before, but it was always threeway scenarios with his girlfriend. This is the first time that Roman has been one-on-one with a guy. And Jeremy Hall is going to be breaking Roman's cherry.

Roman has also never been fucked or done any adult video work before either, so this is a day of firsts for Roman. He's a good-looking guy with a hard and ripped body and he's sporting some ink, too. Sexy blue eyes and plump, cocksucking lips, and Jeremy puts those lips to good use forcing the virgin to suck his big cock. The guys swap blowjobs for a while and even get into some 69 cocksucking. Then Jeremy hoists Roman's legs over his head and starts eating out his ass - no one has ever done that to Roman before. And he loved it. But this was just the preparation for bigger and better things. When Roman's hole is good and wet, Jeremy starts inching his big cock inside that virgin rosebud. Roman protests a bit, but once he relaxes, he enjoys the ride.

The guys end up fucking on the floor, and with Jeremy's hard cock pumping his ass, Roman jerks his own dick and spews a milky load all over his smooth belly. Jeremy's not far behind and Roman ends up covered in jizz.

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