jeremy bilding goes straight

Jeremy Bilding has made up his mind and is leaving the gay porn world forever. However, gay porn's loss is straight porn's gain. Jeremy has decided to say "no more cock, now let me concentrate on pussy".

Jeremy, or Ryan Driller as he is called in the straight porn world, is going to focus on the straight market where he knows the money will be less but has said that as long as he can pay his bills and have a place to call home, he will be happy. Jeremy has avoided answering questions about his sexuality over the past 3 years and has never said he is straight, gay or bi.

He recently told The Sword that he has always been straight but has not answered that question directly because he didn't "want to give any fans a specific quote to crush their fantasies." He also said it was time to move on and let new in-coming boys take over. Of course he then went on to thank EVERYONE that made his days in gay porn bucket loads of fun and cum.

I have to say, I have never been a fan of Jeremy, or of any gay-4-pay guy, but I do hope that he can be fully happy, now that he won't have to endure some guy sucking on his cock or worse yet, sticking his cock up another dudes hole, cos let's face it, isn't that every "straight man's" worst nightmare? TRUST!

Read the entire interview here.

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