jeremy east

A BukBuddies favorite, Jeremy has shot 9 galleries there - more than almost any other model on the site. Fresh-faced and with a buzz cut, he headlined their 2004 Happy New Year special and modelled for the site until 2005.

BukBuddies says: At 5 feet 7 inches and 145 lbs he's definitely a tight package. Waist is 32 and shoe size 9. In the pants he carries 4 inches soft and 7 hard. He's currently a college student in the Boston area studying philosophy. However, most of his time is spent enjoying Boston city life, working out and dating as many girls as possible.

Jeremy had a chest wax for all his BukBuddies shoots, but is in full furry glory on his personal site, JeremyEast where he makes body hair a marketing angle on the front page self-bio: "Jeremy East has a natural hairy chest, hairy armpits, hot nipples that he likes to pinch and soft natural pubic hair". On this site, Jeremy says he's retired from modelling and is now concentrating on his new site, ByGoneBoys which features models shot in period settings and costumes. Jeremy himself does not appear on this new site.


At BukBuddies:

Happy New Year 2004

Something Special

What's Cookin'?

Snowbound 1

Snowbound 2


The Great Volleyball Game

The Wankstas

All Fired Up

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