Jizz Addiction's Jeremiah, Zack, and Mike were hanging out when out of the blue Jeremiah looked and Mike and said "I feel like sucking some dick". Luckily the JA photographer had left a camera on the table and the guys filmed this spontaneous suck off. Jeremiah has a ball sucking off two dicks and then bathing in a shower of cum. He's such a lucky dude having the opportunity to be able to handle two such gorgeous pieces of man meat. In the end he lies down and jerks himself off covering himself with even more jizz. Displaying a VERY contented smile. Was it luck that Jizz Addiction had left the camera behind? We'll let you all be the judge!


Two-fisted and getting stuffed, Jeremiah looks so damn good squatting down like he is and engulfing Zack and Mike's organs. I like how he's the only one naked too. You can really see how spontaneous this scene was. He just ripped off his clothes, pulled down his buddys' zippers, and went to town.


There he is still going for it. Now that's a true friend eh?! Whenever he gets the urge you just drop your fly and Jeremiah gets you off.


Oh man what a scene. My knees went to mush when I first got a glimpse of those sensational cocks. I'm sure Jeremiah is in sheer heaven. While Zack and Mike are certainly fortunate to have a buddy who is willing to scratch their itches, in my opinion, he's the truly lucky one. Jizz Addiction just keep getting better and the guys they feature even hotter. I'm truly looking forward to every time they update each week. More jizz for us cum lovers!

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