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I love comic books and every Wednesday, like the geeks from Big Bang Theory, I head to my local comic book store to pick up the new releases. But I just discovered Jeff's Muscle Studio, which is a goldmine for gay men looking for gay-themed comics, comic books, and hairy muscle men drawings.

When I first visited the site I was introduced to Hearts & Iron, a hairy muscle man comic series featuring a couple of big, beefy muscle bears. Carl Hanson and John Sullivan are a couple of iron-pumping gay men who launch on their lives together and the comic series details all the things they encounter along the way.

But aside from this and a couple of other regular comic series, you'll find heaps of original art produced by the site owner. Muscle men, cops and firemen, super strong men, wrestlers and fighters, and other hot men. And you can buy prints of many of this guy's artwork.

Jeff grew up in the Midwest and he currently lives in the Arizona. He's been reading comic books and drawing since he was a kid. In his early twenties, Jeff started weightlifting, and he's studied Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu. And all of this life experience is a source of inspiration for his comics and artwork. His site is worth checking out and I might even pick up a couple of pieces of his work for my den.

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