I'm very sure that all of you who have ever stroked your cock to gay porn will know the name Jeff Stryker. He might have been out of the adult industry scene for the past 10 years (that truly is a lifetime in gay porn years) but this legendary stud is on the cum-back trail and is planing to tour in the U.S to hopefully get his porn career back in full swing.

Now, I don't know exactly what this "tour" will consist of but he did tell The Sword that he would be doing some of his theatrical performances and that he is doing them to simply entertain. This 50 year old stud has been around since the 80's and his list of movies is truly impressive.


During his performances you'll also be able to buy some of his merchandise which I'm sure will include his very popular "Cock & Balls" dildo and then there is the "Jeff Stryker Action Figure", which will leave poor Ken with a severe case of penis envy! It's good to see that he is making his way back into live appearances but I think he should also go back to hard-core smutty porn. There are currently loads of studios that cater to that older "daddy" look. However I think he needs a bit of a hair make over 'cos his current "do" is most definitely a "DON'T!"

Jeff will be making his first appearance at "The Boardwalk Bar" in Ft.Lauderdale Florida from the 21st to the 24th of November. So the question is now: Are ya happy to see this hunky porn veteran back on the scene or should he pack up his dildo and action dolly and call it a day? Let's hear it, HOMOS!

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