Jeff Stryker

Posted by GayDemon on July 22, 2007 11:59 AM


What do porn legends do in their retirement? Sole parent Jeff Stryker also presides over a personal cock-worship empire that includes the Jeff Stryker action figure and Jeff Stryker playing cards, and as well, has created a really awful website that features a bad photo of his aged face as tiled background over which details of his dinner theatre bio show, "A Sophisticated Evening With Jeff Stryker" are placed. If you want more, you can click a link on the site to hear Jeff's perky country tune, "Pop Ya In The Pooper" (sample lyric: "For a guy who's straight, Man your butt feels great! Don't worry, I'll never tell. When we meat next time, maybe you'll try mine, But for now, let's hear you yell!"). Porn careers tend to be short - usually over once you hit 30 - but somehow Jeff's current incarnation seems like a real rough landing for the man who's the biggest member of the gay porn pantheon.


10 Plus #1 (Stryker Productions)
10 Plus #2 (Stryker Productions)
Anal Hall Of Fame (Catalina Video)
Best Of All 1: Matt Sterling (Huge Video)
The Best Of Jeff Stryker (Catalina Video)
Bigger Than Life Matt Sterling
Bisexual Action 2 (Wet Video)
Busted (Stryker Productions)
Catalina Classics (Catalina Video)
Catalina Studs (Catalina Video)
Cummin' Together Stryker Productions
Dreaming Of You (Catalina Video)
Every Which Way (Stryker Productions)
Gay Video Guide Gay Erotic Video Awards 1993 Out And About
The Giant Stryker Productions
The Heiress Vivid Man Video
Les Hommes (Stryker Productions)
How To Enlarge Your Penis (Stryker Productions)
In Hot Pursuit (Inches Video)
In Your Wildest Dreams (Stryker Productions)
Jamie Loves Jeff (Stryker Productions)
Jamie Loves Jeff 2 (Vivid Video)
Jeff Stryker Does Hard Time (Stryker Productions)
Jeff Stryker: A Romance Video For Women (Catalina Video)
Jeff Stryker's Favorite Sexual Positions
John Travis: Director's Best (Catalina Video)
Js Big Time (Stryker Productions)
Just You And Me (Stryker Productions)
The Look (Catalina Video)
On The Rocks (Stryker Productions)
Powerful Sex, Stryker's Best (Stryker Productions)
Powerfull 2: The Return (Stryker Productions)
Powertool (Catalina Video)
Powertool 2: Breaking Out (Catalina Video)
Santa's Cummin (Stryker Productions)
Stryker Force Matt Sterling
The Switch Is On (Inches Video)
The Tease, Jeff Stryker Is... (Stryker Productions)
Jeff Stryker's Underground His Video Gold
Voyeur (Studio 2000)

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