Fratmen's Jayden here is making a major stir amongst us amateur college boy lovers. Is that surprising? Look at this youngster? Damn. His facial features are like something carved out of the most expensive and rare stone. His body is akin to Michaelangelo's David, and his nice banana curve cock is ripe for the picking. Personally I don't recall too many men as good looking as Jayden when I was in college. But I was partying a lot and really don't remember much of those years. But not matter how much partying I did I would have never forgotten the likes of Jayden here. Oh man.


Now that isn't a huge cock by any means. But then again Jayden is not a large young man. However, you can't deny that that dick isn't suckable to the nth degree. Especially all clean and freshly washed like it it. Mmmm.


Gotta dig those Eurpean looks. And those abs could do your laundry for you. But let's get real here and admit that laundry would be the last thing on our minds if we were in the tub with this extreme hunk.


You didn't think I would leave out a shot of his butt did you? Tsk tsk. Shame on you. When a boy has a perfectly scultped behind like this I save it for last just to tease the hell out of all of ya. Aren't I evil? Perhaps. But I will give you the link to where you can see a whole lot more of Jayden and all just-as-hot buddies. Fratmen is the place and college boys are the bait.

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