Jay Roberts XXX

Jay Roberts XXX is a blog devoted to the man himself - Jay Roberts. A Czech by birth and education, Jay got a Marketing Degree in Slovakia which I would have to say he has segued well into his career in porn. No doubt his blog and his social media placements in Twitter and Facebook play right into this, but this, too, has to be said: this is one hot dude. At 6' 2" (187 cm) and 187 pounds (85 Kg), Jay has an athletic, fresh and supremely tastefully ripped look about him that makes a gay man's mouth water. Six-pack abs and wide shoulders complement a gorgeous smile and demeanor making it pretty much a "no-brainer" that he would attract the attention he has. And he has been very busy. Featured on some subscription websites such as Men At Play and UK Naked Men, he has done much more work plying his body and his affairs for Titan Entertainment and Lucas Entertainment. His blog chronicles his days and feature his own very candid shots of himself - taken by himself, which are intimate and very fucking hot. Other aspects show him in a radio studio being interviewed on Gaydar Radio, mixing it up in the studio. I like it. This is an informal blog, made very personal and very real by a man who is glad to be where he's at in life. You end up glad for him.

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