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Jay Roberts is probably the hardest (pun intended) working hunk in the porn biz right now. He has has a string of successful porn flicks with every big studio in the biz such as Falcon and UK Naked Men, just to name a couple.


What is a porn star to do to further his career and take him from porn hottie to world-wide porn sensation? Well, ya go to America - and that is exactly what Jay did. He is currently in the US working on some top-secret, hush-hush projects, however he did take some time out of his busy schedule and visited the couch of the very popular "COCKTAILS With The Stars" in L.A.

Jay sent me some exclusive pics of the night which went down a storm! He was relaxed, sexy and of course very open to all kinds of questions. There were loads of fans and Jay was quite surprised that he had such a big following in the U.S! I think when you're as hot and friendly as Jay is, well that kind of heat is just international!


His interview started out fully clothed and then ended up with him in nothing but his undies and a HUGE smile! I am sure all of his fans were more than happy to see Jay live and in the flesh! Everyone had an amazing time, there was most deffo a lot of booze, hot studs and of course COCK-tails!

Enjoy these exclusive pics and for the complete story on Jay's U.S domination, Go HERE!

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