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Most of us think that just because porn stars do porn that coming out of the closet would be something they would not have an issue with. In this day and age, most are not willing to "go there" and do not open up about how it was to grow up gay and the hell that was going to high school and all that other "fun" stuff!

Well, porn stud Jay Roberts has done something different. He has opened up about his coming out, and has shared very intimate details of what it was like for him being bullied in school. He also talks about a recent run-in his own mother had with one of her friends trying to bad mouth Jay, his lifestyle and how his mother stood up for him and was not having any of that shit! Yes, sir! Do NOT mess a with a porn star's momma!

It's really refreshing to see that someone like him has opened up and revealed that while doing porn for him is amazingly wonderful, there are other ways that he can reach out to his fans that may be going through their own personal "coming out" hell.

I hope we get more and more porn stars telling us their story about coming out and how it has been for them to deal with the fact that not everyone welcomes gays with arms wide open, family or not.

For Jay's complete story, go here.

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