Jasper Robinson Boy Crush

Gay porn parodies are always fun, and Boycrush Studios has picked a classic teen flick for its latest send-up. Everyone knows and loves the hit comedy Ferris Bueller's Day Off. A young (and thin) Matthew Broderick starred in this 1986 film from director John Hughes as a wayward high school student. Now, Boycrush gives us Jasper Robinson's Day Off, and the twink star is definitely taking his day in a different direction than Ferris!

Jasper Robinson (above) wakes up hard and horny (what else is new for a teenager?), so he decides to ditch school and hang with best buds Jordan Thomas and Ryker Madison. Heading out on the town, he encounters cuties Aaron Stang and Robbie Anthony, and takes time out for a friendly threeway. School principal (?!) Kyler Ash is on to the delinquent youth and plays a key role in a steamy surprise ending. Writer-director Andy Kay, Phillip Ashton and Mitch Vaughn are also featured in nonsexual roles as Jasper's family. To view the trailer, click here. For more information, visit Boycrush.com.

Jasper Robinson Boy Crush

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