Jason Moon

Having two jobs seems to be the norm in this economy. Jason Moon is no exception as he does IT during the day, and turns tricks at night. Though he bills his services as a professional escort, he offers kinky sleaze sessions all over the UK. Everything from sensory deprivation to cock and ball torture to tickle sessions. He runs the gamut of every kink imaginable. There is nothing he hasn't tried. Judging by the content on his website, I suspect that Jason juggles his second job more for pleasure than for cash.

Jason shares his experience online in his blog, along with pictures from past events. Not only has he been offering this service for three years, he has also dipped his toe into the gay porn world as well. Appearing in several skin flicks. He even has various partners on call for potential customers that are interested in 3way sleaze session. But it is not all sex he writes about. He gets personal with things he does in his everyday life. It is an interesting read to live vicariously through Jason Moon.

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