Sexy and smooth Anthony Bakers dick is not straight, but he is. He works his uncut cock for the camera until Jason is all hot and bothered for a taste. Hot Barebacking just happened to be there to capture this most epic of events too. Thank Gawd for that! As you can see, Anthony is a super hot black stud with a killer smile and body. Lean, yet strong, he evokes that alpha male personna so present in a good looking black dude. Jason is a very cute white bloke who really gets off on guys with dark skin. Hence his burning desire to suck off Tony when he's at full mast. Hot stuff! Check it out.


I doubt very many woman have given Anthony head like Jason is right now. It's only natural that a man would know where to hit another man's erogenous zones on his cock. We know what we like. The hung ebony hunk throws his head back in bliss. Now that's the life!


There's a cool closeup of Jason at work. What a nice looking prick he's got in his mouth. Lucky bugger. You have to love this kind of relationship. On one hand you've got a gay dude who lives to suck cock, and on the other you've got a hung straight guy that doesn't care who sucks him off. It works out just perfectly.


Now we get even closer! Of course, if these shots have got you so damn worked up you can't stand it any longer, check out the free video gallery of clips for this scenario. They should take you quite a bit further as you see how good a job Jason does on Anthony's member. The sounds, the movements, the finale. Mmmm. What a great show once again from Hot Barebacking!

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