Jason Adonis, Ragning stallion star

There seems to be a whole lotta cray-cray in the porn biz this week, and now it's time for another "gay for pay" porner to let us now that he is "back and ready to work!"

Jason Adonis started in the gay pron biz in 2002. He quit porn in 2009 then un-quit... and so on.. and on.. The last time he officially quit was in 2011, and now in 2012 his manager David Forest is letting everyone in the industry know via a press release that Jason "loves doing porn", that he "loves the attention he gets", and that he has "finally overcome the paranoia that all his clients were all out to get him." That last one is quite the classic, but then again David is only doing his job and has gotta let people know what they are in for.

Now celebrating his "10 years" in (and out of) the industry, Jason has recently filmed for Raging Stallion Studios where he fucks the cum outta the deliciously yummy Damien Crosse in "Animus." To say that this scene is hot would be a huge understatement. Damien is one brave bottom to take all that cock!

Who knows how long this "comeback" will last - 'cos the last time Jason quit his then-manager (who is his manager again; I know it's confusing!) David Forest said that Jason had cancelled various gigs which didn't make him a "very honorable person". We might as well enjoy him while we got him which is something I'm sure his family must say, too... SNAP!

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