New York Straight Men's Jarrod is like any other well endowed straight dude. When it comes to getting deep throated, it's very hard to find a woman to carry out the task so he has to call up good ole' Ben. Ben lives to suck cock, so it's no wonder Jarrod seeks him out whenever his huge prick needs attention. I've chosen some great shots here of Ben doing his magic on Jarrod's luscious tool. I have a feeling you guys will enjoy them thoroughly.


What a fantastic set of balls eh? Mmmm. Ben is one lucky hombre getting to work that big fuck stick of Jarrod's. Nice and hairy, thick and juicy, it's a cock that begs for mucho attention. I know that I'd be on all fours for it any day of the week.


Rumour has it that Ben had to work a while before he could accomodate all of Jarrod's length. Here we see him teasing the engorged head like a long licorice stick. I bet it's some sweet candy too!


Balls to chin! That's what it's all about man! Who wouldn't call up Ben on a Saturday night when their meat is aching for a hot mouth?! Hell yeah. I love saving the greatest shot for last. It gives all you horny buggers out there something to look forward to. I have to go now and take care of a certain "ache" in my own groin. In the meantime, go check out New York Straight Men to see more of Jarrod and Ben. And many more great dicks and cocksuckers.

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