Gay porn star Jarrett Rex

Porn stud Jarrett Rex has been on COUNTLESS straight dating programs, and yet he still hasn't managed to score some pussy! What is wrong with these girls!? Maybe it could be the fact that he does gay porn that has kinda put them off - who knows? But one thing is for sure, him not getting any cooch isn't entirely all his fault!

Of course, his name on these dating shows like "Exposed" and 'Lovegames: Bad Girls Need Love Too," is not Jarrett Rex; he goes by the name of Akoni. Hmm.. maybe it's the name that is putting them off! Akoni sounds like he would automatically be a bit of a douche. Now, he has appeared on Jerry Springer's "Baggage" trying to get some girl to go out with him, and The Sword posted a clip of the show, where it's clear as to why he is still single. (it's not good.)


Well, hopefully Jarrett will be able to get some misguided girl to go out with him so he can once and for all just quit the game show circuit and get back to getting fucked on Randy Blue by the likes of Reese Rideout!

Source: The Sword.

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