In news that's creating the sort of buzz not last seen since America acquired Nebraska, Pacific Sun Distributors has announced the release their first line of Japanese "non-masked" hardcore pictures with the release of "Blue Dragon 1," starring Ryo_suke, Son, Singo Daichi, Yutaka., Nao, Yu_suke, tatsuya, Osada - groundbreakers really, ready to supply what will surely be nothing short of a huge pent-up demand for this...milieu of gay porn.

Pacific Sun CEO Matt Ahnis was ecstatic:

"It's going to be fantastic. We are the first uncensored title to come out of the gay Japanese market. For those that love Japanese boys, this will be huge. These are not Japanese men who are shot in California. This is real Japanese content from Japan, made by a Japanese director and crew."
Yeah, real Japanese, not those imitation ones from California! Wait, there are Japanese men doing gay porn in California? Nobody tells me anything around here. But know this, there are very few untapped markets left in gay porn - mulatto porn aside - and it's refreshing to see those pixelated dots banished once and for all into some eternal editing software hell.

(Come to think of it, it's pretty unusual that the Japanese insist on pixelated dots to cover a man's no-no parts in gay porn but they tolerate the crudest forms of pedophilia through their love of Manga. I guess some people are just better at compartmentalizing their fetishes - what they see vs. what they do, and legal sex vs. illegal sex - than others.)



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