Jamie Donovan and Cocky Boys' Derrick Vinyard worked together on a Falcon movie. After the movie, they kinda had this thing going, and Jamie was shuttling back and forth to Los Angeles to kick it with Vinyard. Vinyard was stressed out over some personal shit, and Jamie wanted to help him 'blow off' some steam. In this one Jamie starts working Vinyard, sucking his massive cock and deep throating it right down to his ball sack. After he gets Vinyard worked up, he spins around and rides Vinyard's cock like he's riding a wild horse. Vinyard finally decides he can't let Jamie go without showing him why Vinyard became famous. He pushes Jamie over the end of the couch and gives him the ass pounding of his life, pulling his eight inch rod almost completely out of Jamie's ass, and then ramming it back in again full force until he eventually blows his load all over Jamie's back. My boy Vinyard doesn't disappoint in this one as he tears Jamie's ass up. Check it out!.




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