Looks like Jamie Summers is enjoying having 2 cocks to play with. He looks forward to doing shoots for Fresh Sx because they always hook him up with the kind of guys that turn him on, and they did it again! His mouth is full as he sucks on one rod, his hand stroking the other. You can see that Jamie knows what he's doing since both those dicks are rock-hard from his ministrations. And his own pleasure is not being ignored - one of his playmates is playing with Jamie's balls while the other is reaching down to stroke his cock.

When things first get started, Mika is the one in the middle. His lean, ripped body is hot but Jamie wastes no time reaching into Mika's briefs to pull out his hardening cock.


Kai and Mika turn things around so Jamie is the one getting serviced. It's hard to say which feels better - a warm mouth swallowing his meat or a hot tongue teasing his nuts.


Once the guys are too horny to hold on, they go for a threeway fuck - looks like the lucky guy here is Kai because he gets to fuck Jamie while Mika fucks Kai's tight hole!


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