When two dark, handsome hunks like James and Rocky get together, you know things can only get extremely hot. RANDY BLUE knows what us guys like and always pair up dudes that any one of us would surely bring home any day of the week. With just the right amount of muscle, ink and hanging meat, this small taste of great lovin' will surely get your juices flowing. But then wait until you see the whole free gallery!


James takes the reins, letting Rocky know his role without hesitation. Our man Rocky is all too happy to oblige James hard prick. He knows his place in this scenario and would never have it any other way.


Top man James drills downward into Rocky's hole, using it like he knows how. The look on his face tells us that it feels sensational. Having a tight asshole envelope your big cock is one of the finest feelings one could ever experience. Of course, I'm posititve Rocky is feeling quite right about now as well.


The look on Rocky's face is priceless as James hammers his fuck hole hard and nasty like. I can vouch for RANDY BLUE and say that this is one of the hottest scenes you will ever lay eyes on. These guys are right into each other and it's like the camera isn't even there. Just two very hot men engaged in all the splendor of a superb gay love making session. Ah, the good things in life! Be sure to check out the rest of this gallery! Wouldn't want anyone to miss it!

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