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Multitalented James Franco is showing yet another side. As the Sundance Film Festival unspools this weekend, the sexy actor is heating up chilly Park City, Utah, with two new movies that definitely have edge. The 127 Hours star has co-produced a documentary titled Kink that delves into the deep, dark inner workings of Kink.com. The fetish site is headquartered in San Francisco, and that's where Franco spent some, er, quality time filming the movie, which tells a tale of "sex, submission and big business". The Oscar-nominated actor recently told Entertainment Weekly about his visit there for another film in 2011, when he watched a BDSM scene being shot. "They gave me a tour and let me watch one of the videos being made," he said. "I thought, 'This is fascinating and important and my preconceptions have been blown away.' Just that day, I knew I wanted to make a documentary of that place." Kink, which is directed by Christina Voros, features interviews with the studio's founder, crew and talent.

Franco co-directed his second project at Sundance, Interior. Leather Bar., with Travis Mathews. This arty film re-imagines 40 minutes of explicit footage that was supposedly cut from the controversial 1980 film Cruising, which starred Al Pacino as a detective or a serial killer--or both! Franco, who also appears in the movie (seen below on set), told EW, "I play a dual role in this project. I co-directed and designed it with Travis, but I'm also in front of the camera, and my presence in front of the camera is an important component of the movie. Maybe the sequel, I engage in the sex. It wasn't my job to do that in this piece." Well, at least he isn't ruling out some future (on-screen) gay sex!

For more information, visit Sundance.org/Festival.

James Franco On set

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