Just in time for Christmas! Did you know that James Deen has a line of sex toys? We were aware that the porn superstar had been molded for a dildo of his pretty penis. And that he loves to eat and documents his massive appetite on his fun online show James Deen Loves Food. Now we get to see the kinkier side of this sexy though straight (sigh) man.

Designed and manufactured by the renowned Doc Johnson, Deen's Black & Blue Collection is marketed as "couples-friendly BDSM accessories." But that doesn't mean it's strictly for male-female couples. Some of the products in the 12-piece line include floggers, ball gags, collars and cuffs. These would all fit right in at a Gay Pride event, no!? Especially the cock rings with Deen's name on them. And the stud himself has a few ideas of his own for these. As he suggests on his blog, "Maybe if you like the fellas you can use them to propose." Does that mean he's down with gay marriage!? Or, he adds, they could even be used for a game of dick ring toss. "Like you have a dude get all boned up and lay on his back," Deen writes. "Then you can throw the cock rings at him and try to get them around said penis! That actually sounds pretty fun."

Yes, James, to us too. And happy holidays! For more information, visit DocJohnson.com.

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