James' Big Veiny Cock

Apparently this isn't James' first time doing a shoot for Squirtz. He was around back in October of 2007 too. Not long after that he acquired a steady girlfriend though and had to abstain from doing anything experimental. She was a pretty jealous sort I guess. They have since split up though and James came back looking to do someting wild and exciting. The lean, very well hung hottie had a few stories to tell about his adventures over the last few years, then it was on to some jerking off for everyone's entertainment! As you can make out from his pictures, James was blessed with a rather large dick. Of which he proudly presents here in all it's rock hard glory. What a hefty piece of man meat it is too! All veiny and thick. Probably ready for any cocksucker to cum along and have a go at it with their mouth. Is it me, or do I see a hint of revenge in those gorgeous eyes aimed at the ex?

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