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The Men of COLT Icon Series continues to titillate with its latest subject. Following in the fine footsteps of Steve Kelso and Pete Kuzak, Jake Tanner now takes his turn. The hung stud is known in the industry as prime Grade-A beef, and he's proven it in films such as Muscle Ranch (he calls his scene with onetime boyfriend Ed Dinakos his ultimate fantasy), Waterbucks and Men in Uniforms. Jake has also modeled for Colt calendars and had his manhood cast for a dildo. In 2011, he told GayDemon in an interview with Anthony that he's a bit of an exhibitionist and that "having a camera there makes it extra hot for me." Can you tell!? Now, the studio has taken some rarely seen imagines of Tanner and put them together for an Icon Series slide show. There's plenty to enjoy here, so drink in all those yummy muscles and bulges. For more information, visit ColtStudioGroup.com.

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