Well, this certainly has not been a good year for porn pup Jake Lyons. In the beginning of the year he was sued by Corbin Fisher for copyright infringement and exploiting the studio's name without its permission. Then, more bad news as a court sided with the studio and ruled that Jake pay out $50,000 over the next 20 years!

Then Jake tried to continue his work in the porn biz and he started to brag about how much money he was making so Corbin Fishers lawyer Marco Randazza asked for the courts to garnish any monies Lyons may earn from ANY major studios in the U.S.

So, as you can see things were not very peachy for this young stud, and now it seems that Jake Lyons was arrested for battery and trespassing on July the 2nd 2011. MenOfPorn has posted his mug shot, and people - it is not pretty. What is going on with this dude? He is only 21 years old! I think someone needs to check himself into rehab and fucking get it together already!

Click Here for the mug shot.

(Story via MenOfPorn.com)

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