Jake Genesis quits porn

With a sudden and dramatic public announcement, porn star Jake Genesis has abruptly ended his burgeoning career. And he's taking the industry down with him! In an exclusive statement to QueerPig.com, Genesis, who has worked for numerous studios over the past year, including Kristen Bjorn, COLT, Hot House, Lucas Entertainment, Cocksure Men, Titan Men, Men at Play, and Raging Stallion (where he was briefly an exclusive), writes that his religious beliefs (he's Catholic) and other factors have led him to make his life-altering decision. (He also dated fellow porn star Seth Knight for a hot minute and previously had a relationship with porn superstar Matthew Rush in his heyday.)

After much introspection, the tattooed muscle stud says that he realized he got into the industry due to "low self-esteem" and depression. "I felt I had nothing to lose, and I did not fear or care about the consequences of my actions," Genesis writes. "My choice was arrogant and it was selfish." He continues, saying that his choices hurt his family, friends and co-stars. "I take full responsibility for my decision. I accept the consequences, both known and unknown, of my decision. With a contrite and broken heart I ask the mercy and forgiveness of those who were hurt by my involvement in the pornographic industry."

Genesis goes on (and on), comparing porn stars to prostitutes and warning potential models about the dangers of getting involved in the business, writing, "Pornography does violence to human spirit and, in its effort to display human sexuality openly, pornography perverts it. Pornography destroys families and relationships and lives. Far from being a victimless act, pornography victimizes every single human being involved."

Al-righty then. It should be noted that Genesis is currently nominated for six Grabby Awards (including Performer of the Year), which will be handed out later this month in Chicago. Think he'll be attending the ceremony!? Somehow we doubt it. But is this really goodbye!? With gay porn stars, you never know. Sounds like a final farewell... at least until he needs to buy a new couch. Later, Jake.

To read Jake Genesis's full statement, click here.

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