Jake Deckard shows off his big hard cock

All it took was a couple of tweets, and just like that, porn superstar Jake Deckard is back in business! The onetime Raging Stallion exclusive, who also shot for Titan Men and Channel 1 Releasing, has been keeping a low profile for the past few years. But now comes news that the still hot (at 40!) and hairy hunk will be directing and performing once again. The tweet that ended his early retirement read: "It's official. I will be teaming up with Joe Gage and Ray Dragon to direct for Dragon Media. It's the right fit. Very excited!" And so are we as the memory of Deckard going military in Grunts, being killed off in To the Last Man and getting physical in the Jock Itch series (which he also directed) is still fresh in our minds. Plus, Dragon Media has done respectable work in the past couple years, turning out mature hits such as Dad Takes a Fishing Trip and Dad Goes to College. In a later tweet, Deckard, winner of GAYVN's coveted Performer of the Year award in 2008, promised: "I will be starring in my own videos for sure. Count on it!" Well, that sealed the deal. Jubilation!

In an exclusive interview with GayDemon, Deckard tells us, "Ray Dragon and Joe Gage are the Spielberg and Fincher of porn. I wanna be the Tarantino! They are special people, and I'm so honored to be part of their collective now. I've learned so much in the past three years about art and people. This time around, it's all about having a good time and feeling awesome about something that I've worked very hard for. I think that is what being 40 is all about!" You said it, big guy. Welcome back!

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