Jacob The Bohemian

Dirty Tony's new hottie Jacob is a true bohemian. He loves to travel, and recently just got back from a trip to Tasmanian. In fact, this dude is so inconventional, he fucked one of his cousins once. Wow, now that's kinky. Jacob says he's never had any real gay experiences, although he did let a dude fuck him once. Interesting. He looks at that situation as the guy got off on his butt like he usually does when fucking a woman. Hmmm. While getting sucked off or masturbating, Jacob adores being anally fingered. In this shoot, he actually went as far as to eat some of his own cum after he blew a massive load. From where I stand, this bloke is just about ready to bust the door off of the closet. I'm sure he'll bend for us some day.

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