I'm so excited to have my first couples interview today in the GayDemon Lounge. Trevor Laster and Jackson Taylor are my two guests today, and god damn! this relationship is completely unfair because they're both fucking studs. Enough tooting their horns, let's whip our dicks out and talk to these two and find out how a porn couple does it.

Anthony: First of all, welcome guys :) Thanks for agreeing to do this. So, let's get this perfect relationship out there and find out how you two met. Did you dream about each other and just wind up together? How do you guys remain a couple knowing that you both fuck other guys for a living? Do you model yourselves after any other porn couples?

Jackson: We actually met on Facebook, and once we found out both of us did porn I felt comfortable enough to go on our first date. Prior to this I had numerous guys kinda run away after they found out about this particular skeleton in my closet. I don't blame them because it's not easy, and even me and Trevor have had our fair share of jealousy. But we have an advantage most don't, and that's being a part of the industry and KNOWING what you see on camera isn't what's really happening. We are actors, and the best of us are the ones who can make the viewers believe exactly what they see. And to be perfectly honest, porn isn't who we are, just a small fraction. Therefore I don't pay it much mind and in return rarely get bothered when I see Trevor with another guy. And I don't think there is another couple like us, so I'd have to say no.

Trevor: As Jackson said, we met on Facebook, but I have to tell my side that he always neglects to tell. After our first date to the movie of "Salt" we went back to his house and lay in bed talking. He made every move possible to try and get me to have sex with him, but I never would. I think one reason why he wanted me so bad was simply because I wouldn't let him have me. I dreamed about him every single time that I closed my eyes. He was the first person that I have ever met and within seconds I truly believed and still do that he was the one for me. He was the one man that was put on this earth to make me happy for the rest of my life. I find it a lot more difficult than he does to see him with other people. We have had many arguments over the matter and still to this day it is difficult for me to even imagine another man fucking him, especially when he was with non-condom companies. We have only recently come to the agreement that neither of us will shoot independently with any other model. We will only shoot scenes with each other.

Anthony: So how did you two get your start in porn? What companies have you both worked with thus far?

Jackson: I started with a small independent company called, the pay was significantly less but so was the work. BadBoys specialized in "Custom Videos" where members would write a script and send it in. My pay depended on mostly length, but majority was half hour. And like the name implies, each video dealt with me being tied up and just playing to the numerous fantasies the viewers had. From there I was discovered by Bryan and, then after that I went to,,, Falcon/Raging Stallion, and most recently NextDoorStudios.

Trevor: I honestly don't remember how I got into contact with Fabscout, but they started me with a small scene shot by them, a jackoff video for when rockettube was just getting started, and then a video for I absolutely hated kink and was honestly mad that Fabscout had sent me there, so I went out and started applying for companies on my own. I worked for Helix and really enjoyed the people there. I have never really enjoyed the porn itself and kinda find it a little degrading. But I do it for the money and maybe the small fame, especially over twitter. I took about a year and a half off of porn and decided to bulk up and not be classified as the "twink" type anymore. So I did just that, and now have shot with Southern Strokes, and NextDoor Studios.

Anthony: The first time I realized you guys were a couple was when I read the synopsis for the scene Triple Dare at Next Door Twink where Jackson gets tagged by you Trevor and studly Jacques Le Coque. What was filming that scene like? Trevor, what's it like watching another guy fuck Jackson right in front of you? Does it fire you up and make you want to pound him harder? ;)

Jackson Taylor and Trevor Laster

Jackson: I really enjoyed that scene; it was the first time I got see another guy fuck Trevor. Being the full on power bottom, and Trevor a top/vers, he desires to be pounded just as much as me. Sadly I can't give it to him, but I had no idea how hot it was gonna be to see another man give my studly BF just what he wanted! Plus I have to say that NextDoor has some of the greatest directors I have ever had the pleasure of working with, everyone at that studio I must say is extremely easy and enjoyable to work with. Hope and look forward to doing so again!

Trevor: It absolutely did not turn me on at all, and I had to just grit my teeth and know that it was only porn. It did make it easier to know that Jacques Le Coque was straight. I will agree with Jackson, though, in saying that yes, I do like to get fucked just as much as he does. I don't want to ever be the one to say that one day when he wants to have sex is that I do, too - I just don't want to top. I want to bottom but he can't top. We have talked before about having a third top before in our relationship for fun, but I honestly feel bad saying that I want that. I feel like it would come across as "You aren't enough for me right now, I need someone else to fuck me".

Anthony: So were you guys together already when you shot your duo scene for Southern Strokes? I can't decide if I like Trevor in the leather more or Jackson in the high socks and jock strap :) Do you guys role-play and have a lot of fun in the bedroom? How do you keep things spicy? Are you strictly the top in the relationship, Trevor?

Jackson: We were! And that scene, Trevor told me, is one of the most viewed scenes on Southern Strokes. So I wanna thank you and everyone else for the support! We don't really role play, but we do like to experiment. Like I bought these bed straps, that I'm sure most of you have seen on my Twitter. We have talked about bringing a 3rd or even another couple into our relationship so, just like Triple Dare, Trevor could get all he wants. Plus it be hot to just have hot three bodies rolling around J. We have talked about other things and plan on executing them very shortly...

Trevor: As Jackson said, we were together and we have talked about having other tops in on our relationship. I really want to bottom, because yes, in Jackson and my relationship I am strictly a top. As I said before, I love bottoming just as much as when I top, and only being the top for the past 11 months makes the urge to bottom even greater everyday.

Anthony: Ah how can I leave out the other scene you're both involved in at Next Door Twink, which is Milk Bone, where you bring Dane Riley into the mix. How did this scene differ from the first threeway? How easy is it to fuck your boy on set, Trevor? It just seems so fucking easy :)

Jackson: I must say that Triple Dare was easier to shoot, but for some reason Milk Bone was easier for me to cum. Dane Riley was a very sweet kid, but he was still new so he was still getting used to the whole thing. Jac was very professional and was a very good performer, even though Dane was straight. Sorry fellas :P

Trevor: I agree with everything that Jackson said, and I did not have any attractions to Dane, but for Jac he was very attractive. It is really easy for me to fuck Jackson on camera, the only problem I ever have is cumming too soon. Haha. I generally have to fuck for a minute and then take some time away from the scene to "calm down".

Anthony: So do you guys watch each others' scenes that aren't involving just the two of you? I mean it's kind of hot to think about the two of you fucking to other guys fucking you or fucking them... That sounded really confusing haha.

Jackson: Personally I don't look for what Trevor has shot without me, but if it's happening in front of me like the Threesome I am very turned on.

Trevor: I cannot watch Jackson other scenes. I get the same feeling as if he is cheating on me right in front of my eyes. Honestly sickening. And that is another reason I'm worried about bringing a third person into our relationship. Because I know he would enjoy it just as I would and I would always wonder whether I am ever able to compare and pleasure him like the other guy can.

Trevor Jackson, Trevor Laster in gay threesome

Anthony: What else is coming up for the two of you? Trevor, will you continue shooting with Southern Strokes or are you staying with Next Door Studios? Jackson, have you found your home with Next Door Studios, or have other studios approached you? Any full length films coming up for you guys in the future? I mean it worked for the Jarics for a while, just don't go down the same path please because you guys are too hot together :)

Jackson: Who are the Jarics? Right now we have decided to market ourselves as a couple, meaning we will no longer shoot individually without the other. If studios would like to add another or so that's fine, but we will not shoot with other models alone. I would love to work with Next Door Studios same as Falcon/Raging Stallion. Both companies have surprised me with the way they work.

Trevor: Again I agree with Jackson and everything he's said. I have been approached by many companies since NDS, but because of the agreement that we have, I have had to be turned down simply because they only want me to shoot and not Jackson, as well. We are really trying to get our own site up and running, but we just don't have the finances to do it.

Anthony: So what do you guys do for fun in your spare time? You guys have hobbies outside of fucking and porn? Do your families and friends know you're in porn? What are your favorite things about each other?

Jackson: Well, I am in school majoring in biology, and I cheer. Competitive cheerleading is probably my favorite hobby; it also is what keeps me fit because I NEVER go to the gym. Trevor has asked on numerous occasions. My family knows I have done porn, but is unaware I still do it. My favorite things about Trevor are for one he is a very driven man, when he wants something he gets it. I am a perfect example of that. Another is he is a big time romantic; he can play one hell of a Romeo!

Trevor: I am also going to school, mine is for hospitality management and a masters in business. I want to run a restaurant one day. I just about live at the gym. As I said, I started weight lifting and trying to bulk and at this time I'm 164lbs and I want to get to 190. I work in a restaurant most nights, and really enjoy it. My 21st birthday is November 5, so I will probably pick up the hobby of bar hopping. hahahahaha

Anthony: My favorite question to end on, guys... what is one word to describe you guys as performers? Answer separately please :)

Jackson: Power bottom.

Trevor: If I top, aggressive. If I bottom, submissive. Haha! I like being either one extreme or the other.

Thanks to Trevor Laster and Jackson Taylor for talking with us here on GayDemon, and can't wait to see more of you guys. If you want get to know more about these two hot studs, you can check them at twitter: Jackson Taylor's twitter, Trevor Laster's twitter.

Gay porn star couple Trevor Jackson Trevor and Laster kissing

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