I blogged about Adam a few weeks back when he first appeared on Perfect Guyz. (Check out Hot Guy, Small Cock.) Since his last appearance, he's been sparking some interest in the national gay publications, but for the moment he's a Perfect Guyz exclusive. So, if you want to see his cock, you'll have to see it there. Adam is 23 years old and he's a tall 6'1". His body is lean and ripped, weighing in at 200 pounds. If you like hard pecs and six packs, you'll love Adam's physique. His torso is smooth and you can see every curve and ripple. Adam's long legs and his tight, round butt are very hairy, and we even get a peek at his hairy butt hole as if lift his legs for the camera. Adam doesn't have a big cock. In fact, it's quite comfortably average. And that's just fine with me because like I've said many times here before, I like sucking cock for a long time and a big cock just ends up killing my jaw muscles. So while big cocks are certainly nice to fantasize about, they can be a little unruly to play with. Adam's got a perfect cock -- a thick shaft and a juicy, stubby cockhead. In this video clip he's playing with his Fleshlight, using it to fuck his cock. It feels a lot better than his hand. And he's using the "butt" Fleshlight ... hmmm, I wonder what that says about this straight guy. You're not going to want to miss this hot jack off scene.

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