I haven't visited Men at Play for a while, so I was pretty stoked to see a new video clip featuring Blito. He's a 23-year-old guy and a tiny thing, standing 5'8" tall. But when he takes off those suit pants, there's nothing tiny about him -- 8 inches and uncut. Blito lives with his rich family and in this clip he sneaks away into the horse's stable to have some alone time. Sitting on a bale of hay, he rubs his cock through his slacks. Then he grabs a pair of scissors and starts cutting his shirt right off his body! With his hard and smooth chest bare, he starts playing with his nipples. His cock is getting even harder now. Blito cuts the leg of his pants, so he can get at his cock. And it is a beauty -- thick foreskin, 8 inches long, and hairy balls. With his cock in his hand now, this half-suited stud lies back on a bale of hay and starts jacking his hard, uncut cock. Before you know it, cum is flying through the air, landing on his beautiful suit jacket. Now that's a rebel.

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