I do love the look of a pierced cock. And I don't mind sucking them either. I'm not sure that I'd want to suck a pierced cock all of the time because I do so enjoy running my tongue and lips around a juicy cock head. But every once in a while for variety, a pierced dick is a nice change. Ashton here is one of the latest guys to join the ranks of Jake Cruise. He's a cute guy and starts off his session wearing a baggy shirt and shorts and flip flops. I do love it when guys wear sandals because I love looking at feet so much. As he strips off his shirt he reveals a lean and toned, smooth body. He's wearing boxer briefs and sporting a nice bulge. As he bends over to slide his boxers down his long legs, he shows off a nice, smooth and beefy butt. He lies back on the bed, completely naked, and sets about getting that pierced cock of his hard. He pumps his long cock from the base of his shaft to his piercing, and it's pretty hot to watch.

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