Jack Wrangler's Jocks Classic Restored

Everyone loves a classic, and gay porn fans are no different. Jack Wrangler was a major porn superstar of the 1970s. He made both gay and straight movies, bringing his sinewy blond beauty to more than 85 films. Sadly, Wrangler left the building three years ago at age 62. But his groundbreaking work lives on! Channel 1 Releasing recently unearthened the master for Jocks, a 1979 production directed by porn auteur William Higgins. Devotees thought this film was lost forever, but somehow a 16mm print was found in the Catalina vaults and this restored version is now a part of gay porn history. Wrangler (who seems a bit too fond of his mirror on the cover) stars, along with Ben Barker, Barry Bingham, Alex Hall, Matt Levi, Jason Long, Bart Roberts, Derrick Stanton and Steve York. For more info, visit C1R.com.

Jack Wrangler Boot

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