Hot gay ass

Jack MacKenroth is HOT. There is just no doubt about that. I have always wondered when Jack was just gonna stop teasing us with his BOO-TAY and do some full on gay porn!

Well, Jack's ample ass-cheeks were shot by the uber-talented Justin Monroe and the shots have caused their fair share of controversy. Some have said that the shots are way too airbrushed and that he no longer looks human but he looks like a cartoon character with a bangin', boomin' butt and an XXX-TRA large donkey-cock. Then there have been some blogs that have commented the fact that his new hair-less body look is just not working and have scorned him for looking like a bald-HOMO-cat in heat.

Jack Mackenroth Dean Monroe

I can't hate on Jack - he is just delicious no matter what. He could be airbrushed to look like Joan Collins and I would still think he looks fuckable, but then again you all know what a whore I am! Take a look at these shots by Justin Monroe and let's hear what you all have to say 'bout Jack's silky-smooth bottom donkey-cock. Is it a tad too much or is it oh-so-right?

Hopefully, we'll be hearing a bit more from Jack very soon... I will most defo keep you all posted.

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