Milk Fight At Bentley Race

Bentley Race decided to give their mate Ivo a send off before he heads off travelling around the world. Along with Scott they took him up to the roof with the plan of just throwing the football around. It wasn't long before he was being drowned in tubs of milk! The whole roof and the boys were drenched. It was fun watching the guys run around naked and getting soaked. And of course they didn't end the day without a bang - and Scott was the first volunteer! They'll miss Ivo here at BentleyRace. Of course we will as well. But for now let's enjoy his last shoot while he has some fun with Scott and shows off that sexy body of his one last time.

That milk looks cold! What fun that must be. I haven't done anything like that since I was pretty young. Oh the memories. Scott seems to be running from Ivo as he gets doused with a whole jug of moo juice. I'll bet it feels nice on the hot skin due to that scorching Australian sun.

Oh now it's Ivo's turn to get soaked. Can't leave him out, it's his last shoot. It's like a spanking gauntlet on your birthday ya know. A going away initiation of sorts. So long Ivo! We'll miss you! Not to fret though guys! You can see his last shoot and the many he's done before over at Bentley Race. And of course there are many others like Ivo there too. All are hung and love to have fun in many different ways. Be it having milk fights, kicking around the football, or engaging in some post-game sex. It's all there.

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