The amount of outdoorshooting Bentley Race has been doing in the hot Aussie sun has been mental! Last week Ivo and Aaron met for the first in the lane behind their block. They went up on the roof where they thought perhaps they'd get more privacy. But the Formula 1 GrandPrix was on in Melbourne and there were news helicopters everywhere. They must have gotten an eyefull of Ivo and Aaron getting naked and runningaround having a water fight. But I guess all that attention got the two young dudes horny as hell because you should see the show they put on when they went inside!


You can see the slightly embarrassed smiles as they head inside to get down and dirty. Rumour has it that one of the helicopter guys was whistling away at the two boys. Now perhaps he was just being a smartass. But BR likes to think the guy was just another man lover.


As soon as they got inside the tongues got to work. Lifting up his buddy's ass, Ivo raided Aaron's sweet young hole like there was no tomorrow. Apparently BR didn't edit out the slurping sounds he was making either while he chowed down. Fuck yeah!


Feet up in the air and taking it deep, Aaron accpets his buddy's length with complete abandon. The look on his face seems to be quite intense. I bet he's feeling pretty damn full at this moment. Ivo looks as though he's packin' some girth. Well Bentley Race you've done it again guys. Another wonderful shoot with some more gorgeous Aussie boys! Keep it up! I know I will. He He.

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