Kayden Gray: "I've Never Done This Before." Kayden Gray: "I've Never Done This Before."

I had to wash my sneakers last week. I had gotten lazy and in the habit of slipping them onto my bare feet to do my morning coffee run. Mistake. Bare feet make your sneakers stink. Now, some foot pigs might find the smell enticing, but I can't imagine snorting on my stinky sneakers and getting a hard-on. But I do love men's feet, in fact, all the other bloggers here seem to shun them, so I guess I'm GayDemon's unofficial foot guy.

In this new scene from Bulldog Pit, Cameron Wilson is teaching Kayden Gray that feet are sexy and can be a source of pleasure. Kayden is sitting on the kitchen table and Cameron takes off his buddy's sneaker. "I've never done this before," Kayden says. "Don't worry. I have," Cameron says with a dirty grin. He takes a whiff of Kayden's sneaker, then rubs his face across Kayden's socked foot.

Cameron peels off Kayden's sock and sucks his toes, one at time as if each were a tiny cock. Kayden lets his fuck buddy have his foot fun, but his stiff cock wants some attention, too. After Cameron gulps Kayden's huge dick, he bends over the table and sorts on his buddy's sneaker while getting his pretty little ass fucked. And Cameron teaches Kayden that assholes aren't the only thing a guy can fuck.

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