They say that technology is a great advancement, that it brings people closer together, and I wonder, are they nuts? And just who are THEY?

Take the whole YouTube craze among most people. Not all of them are kids either, some are full grown adults, who spend hours and hours watching some unknown make a complete ass out of themselves.

It has gotten to the point too, where teenagers are anxious to get their fifteen minutes of fame, but making videos for these Tube Sites, that are, well scary really. I mean the number of videos showing kids deliberately going on a hunt to hurt others, is well, just sick, and yet growing in popularity.

There are lots of cases in the States, where teenagers go out, with friends bringing their video recorders along, as they go after some of their friends. I don't quite understand the thought process here, where people deliberately want to show off their wanton destruction of property, or violence against others.

They video tape themselves or friends, attacking teachers, attacking other students, then put them online. Like to begin with, can we say STUPID? I mean this is the best possible evidence there is, to show you breaking the law, and yet that is what many are doing. It is almost as if they are totally clueless as to what Justice is, and how it works, which is a bit odd, given how many cop shows there is on the boob tube.

Still, they take great delight in video taping their transgressions, in being devoid of humanity. To go out, or to entice another, into a spot where they proceed to wail on them, while the person recording them gives directions, is well, unbelievable? And then you listen to the parents explain it all away.

Anyone remember the famous Rodney King video tape? How the Cops attacked this black man, kicked him, beat him, then got off scott free? Course they were then back in Court and got convicted, but you have to ask yourself, is violence that acceptable?

Has the craze of sites like YouTube made acting stupid, made being a total ass, acceptable? Is it about status, to be able to say that gee, my video got a million hits, yours only got half that. Is that what we have come down to? How many hits our examples of stupidity gets?

I have to admit, there is some funny stuff there too. The other half enjoys watching some of them, but then too there is the whole section of YouTube on car accidents, on other mishaps, which is sad. I don't understand it, but why is watching someone else's misfortune be considered as entertainment?

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