Modelling blogs seem to be really taking off these days. It's Me Lee is such a creation. If you're into very lean cute and handsome young men posing and generally looking sultry, you should dig this blog. A few of these hunky lads get half naked, but the emphasis here is more on facial and torso profiles. I find that a nice change as sometimes we're so preoccupied with cocks and asses that we can tend to neglect the other beautiful parts of a man. As we all know, European wardrobes are "in" no matter where you live in the world. This fact is most prevelant at It's Me Lee. Even Canadian Matthew Leeb has a certain Euro look to him - darker features and a very statuesque face. Along with the gorgeous models posing and playing, you can also find categories relating to musicians and bands, an artist spot, and some other interesting entries. It's a very versatile blog with many different topics, providing enough to entertain most of us. Nice site.

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