it's all cumming back to me now 2

I know that most of you stopped watching MTV's "The Real World" about a gazillion years ago, but things might just get a tad interesting when the show starts its new season in Las Vegas now that there is a cast member with a dirty gay porn past! I said might! You be the judge.

it's all cuming back to me now

"Spencer" then, Dustin now, from The Real World Las Vegas was a very naughty boy and it seemed he liked to hang out at the Fratmen's Fratpad and have literal cock-fights with other dudes of the house. He also has a thing for getting it on with vegetables, he fucked a pumpkin for Halloween! How very traditional of him! He did some solo wanking and couple wanking for the site and was pretty much a douche that just happened to be hot.

Now, MTV got their paws on him and of course on this season's teaser we see this chick telling Dustin: "dude, you got taped having sex, it's all over the internet." Check out the clip. Go to 1:30 of the clip to avoid all of the "real" drama.

It is quite annoying that MTV would use this guy's porn past for shock value. I mean seriously, who the hell even watches the Real World anymore? I mean now MTV should just change its name to JSTV and call it a day! (Jersey Shore T.V for all you slow ones out there!)

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