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I love Italian men. And Lucas Kazan is packed with them. This week, Lucas Kazan brings us another fine specimen, this time from Calabria located on Italy's "toe." This 30-year-old Italian stud bears many of the traits we love in Italian men: dark hair, intense eyes, and a fierce dick.

Ivan is a good-looking man with a square, chiseled jaw and luscious, kissable lips. He's clean shaven, but his dark stubble is already showing through. And those sexy eyes, don't they just draw you in? In his video, Ivan candidly tells us of his first time having sex with a hooker when he was 15 years old. And he carries on with the many adventures that followed.

This sexy Italian stud has a lean and well-defined body. He's smooth, which makes the dark patch under his arms even more sexy. And he's wearing neatly trimmed pubic hair above his Italian cock. When Ivan strokes his cock and gets it hard, it morphs into a strong, banana-curved dick. And he sits back on the sofa, licks his hands, and starts stroking his cock. And when this Italian stud gets close to cumming you can see every muscle in his lean body tightening up and preparing for the explosion. What a hot stud!

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