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This is Paulo, a recent find of Lucas Kazan. This 19 year old Italian has been a boxer for at least the last 4 years, and has designs on becoming a world champ. Most of us hope he doesn't get there because we don't want such a gorgeous man to get damaged. I damn sure know I don't! But the idea of wrestling a few rounds with this stud seems like a top notch notion. Here we get to watch him train in the nude, wearing those red gloves, his cock and balls bouncing around and his gorgeous body displayed in every conceivable way - all good. Later, he puts away those gloves and does some seriously dick-straightening posing for us as his cock grows in its curvy, curly fashion and his hot Italian blood gets energized enough to stroke and play for us. He is something of an exhibitionist at heart, without a doubt, and we watch him stroke himself into some hot-looking poses, his face beading with sweat and his juices definitely running. We know this stud will cum for us and get to where we want to see him go and he does not disappoint us. This Italian Stallion is too hot!

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