Meet Rocco from New York Straight Men. Rocco is a blue collar Italian guy from Staten Island who is the kind of straight guy that many men would love to blow. Why? Well, Rocco has never let another man get anywhere near his cock - till now. Marco is the new resident cocksucker from NYSM, and he was more than eager to suck on Rocco's working-class meat. At first Rocco seemed a little uncomfortable and made Marco work for it, and Marco didn't mind one bit.

He started out using his mouth to feel and tease Rocco's dick through his clothes. Just a warmup for the main event, but it did get Rocco's motor running.


Rocco made Marco start off by servicing his feet, and when Marco showed his skill, Rocco let him work his way up.


And was Marco every happy when he got to wrap his lips around that thick Italian sausage!. He really worked at that fat dick and showed Rocco it takes a man to really know how to suck a cock!


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