So I stumbled across this fetish, one I had never heard of before. Now that isn't a big deal, I mean I am not what you call a hard core surfer of the various porn sites, but this one slipped by. Seriously, you ever heard of Ballooning?

Not the kind where you climb into a basket and go up in the air, though I suppose that could apply in some circles of ballooning, as it relates to a sexual fetish.

See, this is about those who are aroused by balloons. Not just the kind you blow up for parties, but all kinds of inflatable devices, mainly balloons. Heck, there is even a company who manufactures balloons for 'looners' (which is what they call themselves).

What has me a bit miffed though, is that society has deemed this a Fetish, and as it involves sexual arousal, it becomes listed as being PORN, or adult rated. In short, no minors allowed to view this stuff.

Hey, that sounds fair, right? I mean you assume that looners are about naked guys bouncing big red balls around, or leaning on the, getting blown. And well, yes, that can be part of it, but the vast majority of looners are about the visual depiction of balloons, not about nudity.

In fact, many of the sites are pretty mild, where the participants are actually fully clothed. Now, it would seem to me, that if that is the case, why are those sites being tagged as Adult? I mean how many of you enjoy flipping through the underwear section of the mail order catalogue?

That also happens to be a bit of a fetish, so why isn't it required that Sears not deliver its catalogue to any minor? Heck, why can they even mail it? Isn't the sending of pornographic material through the Mail illegal?

Now I don't know about Looners, but I really get pissed off at how society makes these arbitrary decisions, without even trying to figure out what it is all about. I mean so a guy gets a woodie while seeing someone bounce a big bright colored ball? How the hell is that porn? And why can't minors, those under eighteen see it?

That is the other thing that sort of gets my goat. Who decides what a kid sixteen, fifteen, or seventeen, can comprehend or not? Like abstinence is the rule in the States, and yet kids are noted for being sexually active at fourteen, thirteen if female. So uh, does society really believe that teaching abstinence is going to work? Perhaps we shelter kids, and ourselves, a bit too much?

I mean the more I read, the more one goes back into history, you can see how society thought things were a lot different until modern day religion came into being. Makes you wonder a bit, doesn't it? We seem to be setting more restriction, making more unfounded assumptions, simply because someone, somewhere, is saying it is immoral. How do they know? Did a higher being suddenly give them a ring on the phone, and tell them?

Looners, I mean so what if they get off on balloons, how the hell can that be a mental disorder, or a wrong thing even? I mean a nice thick uncut dick does it for me, so shouldn't that also be a disorder, after all it is something that turns me on. Last time I checked, that was called an attraction, a preference, not a fetish, not something sick or perverted.

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