FCKH8 - it doesn't get better!

Everyone is saying to young gays to hang in there if times are tough in school and that "it gets better" as time goes on, and in most cases it truly does get better for most HOMOS once they leave high school - but sadly the same can't be said for HOMOPHOBES. Yup, for cockblocking, ignorant assholes it really and truly DOES NOT get better!

FCKH8 is here to tell all the homophobic idiots out there that things do not get better for them and their narrow-minded views. From hot topics such as gay marriage to gay adoption and their "gay-bies", this video pretty much covers it all and shows all the haters out there that gays are everywhere and if you're homophobic in this day and age, you ain't gonna get very far and most importantly: WE AIN'T GONNA TAKE IT!!

Every time you share or tweet the video FCKH8 will donate 10 cents to anti-gay bullying projects, so you know what ya gotta do now; SHARE & TWEET the fuck outta this video to end the hate against the gays! ENJOY!

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