Issac Jones Takes On Canada!

Issac Jones has been XXX-tremely busy since his porn debut last year. It seems as though it has been non-stop for the French-born hottie, and it really does look like it's gonna get even... busier!

Last year Issac ventured to Ibiza and had hot and sexy scenes with Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi for "Men In Love." Issac was also be featured in the hotly anticipated Lucas flick "The Last Day", which was already featured on the Gaydemon blog.

A couple of weeks ago, Issac took his studly French self over to Montreal, Canada, to shoot yet another DVD with Lucas entertainment ,and he said that he felt that it was probably going to be some of his best work yet! Issac has always been very proud of his cum-shots, (he always cums bucket loads in his scenes) and it seems as though for this new filming he set new records for himself! That, I am sure, is something we will all be looking forward to!

Issac Jones at porn shoot location

Issac has revealed exclusively to the Gaydemon blog that he shot a scene with uber hot American porn star Kyle King and that sexy stud Damien Crosse! So, of course Issac being the generous and giving porn star that he is sent us some behind the scenes pictures of the studs frolicking in the winter snow and between the sex shoots!

Of course we will be posting the latest on this new flick and will be keeping a very close eye on Issac Jones, whose star just keeps rising! A massive thanks to Issac for the behind the scenes pics and if you wanna see more make sure you head on over HERE!

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