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Issac Jones is excited - SUPER EXCITED - and he should be. Along with Johnny Hazzard, Leo Domenico and a whole slew more of porn hunks), Issac will be making a HUGE spunk-filled splash in Chi Chi LaRue's new porn romp, "London Spunked"

I had a chance to speak to Issac about his experience in working with the legendary porn producer and he said that not only was it a great environment on the set but his scene was one of the hottest he has ever done. He told me he came bucket-loads, now that is the kind of exclusive I wanna hear!


Issac also told me that the cast of this new flick reads like a homo's wet dream! There are truly so many hunks that I foresee a best seller here. I know that many out there can't get enough of Issac, and this has truly been a busy year for him. Of course, this sexy stud is going to be doing loads more porn work in 2013, and he also told me he has something special up his sleeve and that would leave fans hard and wanting oh-so-much-more!

"London Spunked" is set to be released in January, and trust me - this will not be the last time we hear about what could be THE gay porno flick of 2013. Thanks, Issac, for these pics, and hope that 2013 is even hotter and hornier than 2012!

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