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Yes, I am sure you have all heard that French porn superstar Issac Jones was fucked by the ever popular and in-demand Paddy O'Brian for

They had great chemistry on and off the set, and I had the chance to hang with the two studs at London's only porn party, *GIGOLO*, and they told me a bit about their scene and what it was like for Paddy to have sex with a guy, being that he says he is "straight". He told me that it came down to chemistry and pushing his boundaries of being and feeling "naughty."

Paddy fucks Issac Jones

Issac, of course, is one of the most easy-going and relaxed guys in porn, and if you read the Gaydemon blog, you already know that he is a personal fave of mine not only 'cos we are close friends (and I love him) but also because is just a hot, sexy and very friendly to everyone he meets. That is why I think these two hit it off so well. Both of these studs have a carefree and relaxed attitude that translates very well into the sex scene they had, and will not doubt not be the last one!

Paddy O'Brian with Issac Jones

Here is an exclusive snap of the boys doing their thang at *GIGOLO* in London! Enjoy, my HOMOS, and to keep up with the latest on these studs, follow them on twitter:

@IssacJones and @PaddyObrian86

(Top Photo Credit: SHOOTMEUP.CO.UK)

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